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Please note some items may be unavailable and the menu is subject to change.



Mac and Cheese


Add $3.00 with sausage



 with dusseldorf mustard and

 beer cheese



 with gravy $5.75

Beer Cheese


French Fries


Sweet Potato Fries

w/cinnamon marshmallow dipping sauce


Curry Cheese Fries



with sausage, selection located in wurst section below

Cheese Curds with ranch


Fried Dill Pickles

with ranch or spicy dipping sauce 




Ranch, Honey Dijon, Balsamic Vinaigrette, French, Golden Italian, Thousand Island Blue Cheese, Vinegar and Oil


Side Salad

Fresh greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, mozzarella, and 1/2 hard-boiled egg.


Small Salad

Larger version of a side salad

Fresh greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, mozzarella, and hard-boiled egg.


Large Salad

Fresh greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes,

black olives, mozzerella, and hard-boiled eggs.



Schnitzel Or Grilled Chicken Salad

Fresh greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes,

mozzarella, chicken schnitzel pieces or grilled chicken, black olives and hard-boiled eggs.



Dessert Items


Cakes by the slice

$4.25 each

Carrot cake 

Ultimate Chocolate

Cheesecakes available are

Salted Carmel and Key Lime Margarita 


Wurst from Siegi's Sausage Factory



All Beef frank/ not from Siegi's




Grobe Bratwurst

Beer Brat



Chicken Cheddar Chipotle

Jalapeno Cheddar Kolbasse


Polish “White Lightning”

Polish “XXX”

Polish Ghost Pepper

Jalapeño Chicken add $1

Spicy Buffalo Beef add $4

Vegetarian / not from siegi's 



Sweet, mild, or hot currysauce, comes with bread or upgrade to fries, extra cost



Sausages/ without a bun

Sauerkraut, grilled onions, Siegi's brand dusseldorf and granny's mustard included

$7  one sausage plate

$10  two sausage plate

$12.75 three sausage plate


Sausage on a Bun

Topped with sauerkraut, grilled onions, and a side of Siegi's brand dusseldorf mustard. Comes with chips and pickle.





All Schnitzels are fried golden brown and come on a plate with two original sides of your choice!

Add a sausage to any meal for $3, speciality sausage for $4 


Traditional Fried Schnitzel

Pork or chicken. Choose two sides


Jäeger Schnitzel

Topped with Jäeger mushroom gravy.

Pork or chicken. Choose two sides


Holsteiner Schnitzel

Topped with two fried eggs on top.

Pork or chicken . Choose two sides


Swiss Schnitzel

Topped with melted swiss cheese and tomato on top.

Pork or chicken . Choose two sides


American Schnitzel

Topped with coleslaw, sliced frankfurter, sweet pickles,

french-fried onions, mustard and ketchup.

Pork or chicken. Choose two sides


Hawaiian Schnitzel

Chicken or pork, served with grilled onions, grilled pineapple pieces and covered in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.

Choose two sides below.



Original Sides


Sweet Red Cabbage


Warm Potato Salad

Small Fries


Bread is 1/2 of a baguette


All individual sides are available for $3.50 each.
Bread for $1.50


Premium Sides

are available only with meal purchase, single premium sides are at menu prices


Spatzle add $4.5

Sweet Potato Fries add $4.5

Mac and Cheese add $4.5

∙Side Salad add $3

Red Lentil Soup add $4.5

(seasonal item)

Cheese Curds add $4.5


Chips and pickle included.

Sub for other sides available for additional cost


Reuben Sandwich

Grilled corned beef, Swiss cheese with our homemade sauerkraut and dressing all between toasted marbled rye bread. 

Full $12.75 

Half $9.75


Fish Sandwich

Beer-battered cod served on a kaiser roll with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and housemade tartar sauce.



Schnitzel Sandwich

Schnitzel served on kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and lingonberry or pesto mayo sauces. 


Corned Beef Sandwich
Grilled corned beef on a toasted Kaiser Roll, served with Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, reuben sauce.



Fish & More


Fish and Chips

Fried beer-battered cod served with french fries, house-made coleslaw and tartar sauce.

1 Piece $11.25

2 Pieces $13.25

Extra piece of fish $3.75


Chicken Strips

fried chicken strips served with french fries, house-made coleslaw and sauce of your choice.



German Red Lentil Soup 

(seasonal Nov-March)

Soup made with carrots, celery, onion, garlic, red lentil beans and spices.
Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.


served with bread, add a sausage for $3 more.



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